Prisoner’s Release Activity (PRA)

According to the Pakistan Panel Codes (PPC), any prisoner who is liable for compensation in lieu of Diyat, Damman and or Arsh will serve the prison even after completing his/her sentence time. The said liability is different in nature than ‘fine’, which is imposed on a prisoner with a condition of serving the additional time depending on the amount and reciprocates the additional serve in time with simple or rigorous imprisonment according to the PPC.

Qarshi Foundation pays off the amount of scrutinized prisoners listed by the IG Prisons Office.

Qarshi Foundation organizes prisoners release activity every year during the month of Ramadan after the kind approval of the Chairman, QF. Qarshi Foundation receives lists of prisoners confined in jails in lieu of compensation, Diyat, Arsh and Daman etc. from the office of IG Prisons.

Qarshi Foundation develops a dedicated team to evaluate each case of prisoners and scrutinize against the heinous crimes. This team formats a scrutinized list of prisoners and informs the IG Prisons Office for the release of prisoners and accounts office for payout authorization after the final approval by the Chairman, Qarshi Foundation.