Kitab-ul-Sehat course is one of the dynamic educational programme of Qarshi Foundation. This is course is being offered to the young scholars at different educational institutions.

The Kitab-ul-Sehat course is taught and supervised by the registered & qualified Tabibs of Qarshi Foundation. QF acknowledges the outstanding position holders with cash prizes and certificates at their successful completion of the course. The course is comprises on six months with series lectures as a part of their curriculum.

The purpose of this course is to provide basic awareness and knowledge of hygiene and health to students, so that they may be able to guide the patient to manage the medical urgency of common disease through household spices and herbs.

Kitab-ul-Sehat was first published in the shape of magazine during early 1950s on weekly basis; it was published for local community for awareness to diseases and their remedial treatment while using herbal medicines. Later on, it was introduced as a course/programme for young scholars.

Kitab-ul-Sehat is a unique book written by Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, which covers the aspects of Tibbi knowledge of various diseases and their treatment by using natural medicines at domestic level. It also describes the general anatomy, physiology and pathology at basic level. The benefits of Qarshi Tibbi Medicines are highlighted to lead a healthy life style and to cure the general diseases in day-to-day life. This book is also available for general public in the market.