Natural Disaster Relief


As per vision & mission of Qarshi Foundations, we collaborate with institution for joining hands for same interests (meeting the foundation’s criteria) and matching the vision & mission, QF collaborates with various organizations – considering them as a strategic business partners (SBP). Activities performed with joint collaboration with SBPs, working with theme of “Healthy Educated and Happier Pakistan” facilities. QF makes arrangements for them like provision of Hygiene Kit having Emergency responsive medicines to get facilities during floods, disaster and other unforeseen incidents. One of the major contributions in the medicines kit is Ab-e-Nuqra (Water Purification Medicine). This purification drops provide immediate solution for flooded water to drinking / useable water. Another, emergency responsive medicine included in kit, Amrat Dhaara, which has magic effects to provide relief of any fly-bite and venomous insects as well.


We perform activities directly to facilitate beneficiaries to the under privileged community and flora fauna of Pakistan. However, in case of collaboration with Institutions, they provide us relevant details of beneficiaries and its track for their growth for which they were sponsored.


Institutions can reach us through sending their written application through courier or by email provided on website. Proper tracking is controlled for better facilitation. Every institution approaching us, the initial required documents are asked at the stage of initial processing e.g. Proper request on letter head, Registration Certificate, Last 03 Years Audit Reports, Annual activity report, any other record for the purpose to have the request entertained and valid contact details for in person visit and telephonic contact etc.

Selection Criteria:
Criteria are already mentioned in Institution Section.
M & C:
M&C plan for Institutions is already provided for Institutions.

Email us: foundation@qarshi.com, map@qarshi.com

Dispatch Address: General Manager, Qarshi Foundation, 17-E3, Gulberg-III, Lahore.

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