Qarshi Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving and needy people. Deserving applicants and particularly widows are the main beneficiaries of this Programme who face hardships with no or limited financial resources. Financial support to such beneficiaries enables them to come out of hard times in which they pass through. Timely support to the beneficiaries of this Programme is made one time or monthly basis depending on the nature of individual case. For monitoring and quality purposes funds generally disbursed to the registered beneficiaries through Telenor/Easy Paisa Services.


Applications are received with supportive documents including ID card in case of needy and death certificates of spouse if applicant is widower. MAP team scrutinize applications for further approvals. After initial approvals, needy/ widows are contacted for any missing information or documentation. Complete applications are processed for approval and release of funds after initial scrutiny, verification and M&C process.


Funding to the beneficiaries are made in one time or monthly basis called wazifa after the scrutiny of application, need assessment and financial position of the beneficiary. Depending upon the nature of hardships and need funds are normally paid by Electronic Funds Transfer through Telenor’s Easy Paisa service.


M&C process from QF team runs through the very beginning of the whole process starting from the receipt of application to completion of satisfactory report which includes both levels i.e. internal and external;

  • Scrutiny of application
  • Verification of application and supportive documents
  • Assessment of the case
  • Assessment of earnings/ financial position of applicant
  • Perusal and approval mechanism
  • On site visits
  • Feedback from neighborhood/ Imam of local Mosque
  • Feedback and M&C reports from the field

Email us: foundation@qarshi.com, map@qarshi.com

Dispatch Address: General Manager, Qarshi Foundation, 17-E3, Gulberg-III, Lahore.

Phone: +9242-3575122427