Marriage Grant

Qarshi Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving people to meet the marriage expenses. Beneficiaries of this Programme are those individuals and families who do not have enough financial resources or passing through financial hardships. This program has a profound impact in society where beneficiaries are able to start their life with respect and dignity based on Islamic culture and values. This Programme also strengthens the sacred social institution of family at large.

QF has a dedicate team who receives applications from deserving people. For further process of scrutiny of applications, the team contacts the individuals for supportive documents require for the application. This may include provision of ID cards, Nikah Nama, Income Certificate, contact details with original hand written application.

For internal process a complete and verified application is processed for further approvals. A successful applicant receives financial assistance after the verification and M&C check. The mode of verification includes on-spot visits, and feedback from the representative of the area or the Imam of local mosque.

M&C team provides feedback to MAP team which is an essential criterion for processing the application for final approval. Successful applications are logged in automated and integrated system of ERP-MAP module.

Post-financial assistance feedback visits are essential part of M&C conducted to assess the utilization of funds and further reporting to the Sr. Management of QF.

Email us: foundation@qarshi.com, map@qarshi.com

Dispatch Address: General Manager, Qarshi Foundation, 17-E3, Gulberg-III, Lahore.

Phone: +9242-3575122427