Qarshi Foundation has developed synergies over the period of last two decades with various institutions/ CSOs by extending its Monetary Assistance Program through donations. Donations/ Funds are provided to those institutes/ organizations which are working in Development Sector for the betterment of underprivileged and deprived strata of society particularly, but not limited to, health & education sector in Pakistan.

To achieve the vision based objectives, Qarshi Foundation collaborates with reputable organizations which are aligned with its mission & vision. QF has donated various life-saving equipment, infrastructure a30nd financial resources to achieve successful outputs.


Applications and proposals are received with supportive documents including baseline of projects, activity reports and outcomes, beneficiaries’ feedback etc.

Qarshi Foundation entertains applications/ proposals only from registered and (PCP) certified organizations. MAP team scrutinize applications for further approvals depending upon the proposal and need based survey/ analysis.


Funding to the institutions/ organizations are made as per available budget and approval of Chairman-QF.


M&C process from QF team runs through the very beginning of the whole process starting from the receipt of application/ proposal to the completion of satisfactory report which includes both levels i.e. internal and external;

  • Scrutiny of application
  • Feasibility/ need based analysis
  • Verification of supportive documents/ Reports
  • Assessment of the project/ donation request
  • Experts’ opinion/ recommendations
  • Perusal and approval mechanism
  • Post visit reports
  • Feedback from the beneficiaries
  • Verifications and M&C process

Email us: foundation@qarshi.com, map@qarshi.com

Dispatch Address: General Manager, Qarshi Foundation, 17-E3, Gulberg-III, Lahore.

Phone: +9242-3575122427