The Qarshi Foundation Trust (QFT) is working day and night to fulfill its Vision (Health, Educated & Happier Pakistan) and Mission (Insaniyat ki Bhalai, Ummah ki Sarbulandi, Pakistan ki Taraqqi). Chairman Qarshi Foundation Trust (QFT) directed the management of QFT to expand the operation in Balochistan Province. In order to expand the scope of its services all across the Pakistan, the Qarshi Foundation Trust (QFT) team has initiated talks with Balochistan Prisons Department. Under which Qarshi Foundation Trust (QFT) intends to open free Qarshi Eastern Medicine Clinics in all the Prisons of Balochistan Province. In this regard, Manager Qarshi Foundation Trust (QFT) had a meeting with Inspector General of Prisons, Balochistan Mr. Qadir Baksh PirKhani on January 29, 2021. During this meeting, the IG Prisons Balochistan was briefed in detail regarding all the activities about Qarshi Foundation Trust (QFT) which was much appreciated by the IG Prisons Balochistan and assured the establishment of Qarshi Eastern Medicine Clinics as soon as possible.