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Qarshi Foundation is a not for profit welfare Organization established in 1994 as Trust (Under Trust Act 1882), having objective of Healthy, Educated & Happier Pakistan. Qarshi Foundation is established only for the purpose to serve humanity, keeping that in view Qarshi Foundation providing its services in Health, Education, Monetary Assistance Programme, Environment & Heritage Conservation, and many other welfare projects which are conducive to the spirit of the Trust.


Under the banner of Health project Qarshi Foundation is facilitating the community by providing free of cost dispensaries for the uplift of Health Sector in Pakistan, Currently there are 34 free dispensaries working Pakistan with Free of cost Qarshi Mother and Child Care Center, and a Qarshi Hospital located in Chaburji, Lahore.


The other major project Qarshi Foundation is working for is Education; under this Qarshi Foundation has a high school in Muridke where education facility is provided to the local community. Qarshi University is also a part of such distinctive project, which is providing the advance level of education to the deserving students.


Qarshi Foundation believes that preserving environment and taking care of it is the best way to do so. Qarshi Foundation focus on planting trees and greenery, Jam-e-Shirin Park is a very big example, along with Jam-e-Shirin Park, a Herbarium Centre in Qarshi Industries Hattar is also there to support the Environment & Heritage Conservation.

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Qarshi Foundation was founded by Mr. Iqbal Ahmad Qarshi, with the blessings of his mother & wife of (Late) respected Shifa-Ul-Mulk Hakim Muhammad Hassan Qarshi in July 1994.

Provision for quality health care to the non-affording people is foundations top priority. To accomplish its task it is actively engaged in three distinct areas related to health care. Establishing herbal medicine dispensaries chain throughout the country, which are free for deserving, to date 20 dispensaries are operative. Assisting materially & financially various hospitals providing health care to poor. Foundation also provides financial assistance to needy for medical treatment.

Education is another major work area of the Qarshi Foundation when it is contributing generously in the education sector. The management of Foundation believed that no meaning full progress can be made by the country without education. Foundation activities are multidimensional and extended to all areas of education. Foundation is sponsoring schools, running vocational training centre, provides material for meeting needs of schools, give scholarships and rewards to students. Foundation also provides Qarz-e-Hasna to the deserving students for higher and technical studies.

Qarshi Foundation along-with its main work areas of Health & Education, also working as Philanthropic Organization, the direct donations is one of its regular activities. To support the poor and deserving financially, Foundation allocates huge budgets every year and provides assistance to, Needy, Widows, for Dowry and Patients.

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